Dental Technology

Dental Technology

A successful dental practice is a combination of top-notch dental service and state of the art technology to complement it. We, at Stephen Los DDS, give a lot of prominence to both these aspects, and this makes us one of the most sought-after dental practices in the Los Gatos area. Some of the advanced dental equipment and devices that we use are 3Shape intra-oral scanners, Thornton Adjustable Positioner or TAP, and XDR imaging system.

3Shape intraoral scanner

3Shape dental scanner is a dental equipment that uses a revolutionary technology to produce unlimited, highly accurate and realistic images of the oral setup. The scanner is so efficient that the entire process of scanning the upper jaw, lower jaw and perfectly aligning their bite would be completed with a matter of seconds.

With 3Shape scanners, the dentist would be able to precisely map out your teeth and get a better view of them. It is especially helpful in determining the dimensions and contour of the teeth for fabricating clear aligners, such as Invisalign and ClearCorrect, and restorations such as Veneers, Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, Onlays, etc.

TAP Sleep Care

TAP Sleep Care stands for Thornton Adjustable Positioner. It is an adjustable mandibular device that is designed in such a way that it keeps the airway open during sleep. This prevents the collapse of the soft tissues in the throat, allowing the patient to have uninterrupted sleep.

The device works by advancing the lower jaw forward, which broadens the airway. The best thing about the device is that it is very comfortable and can be adjusted even when it’s in the mouth. The device is custom fabricated in a dental laboratory using a high-quality material, and hence, offers precision fit and durability.

XDR Imaging

XDR Imaging system is a combination of an anatomic sensor and the XDR software that helps dentists get highly superior x-ray images of the patients’ teeth. The image quality that the device produces is top tier, and allows the dentists to get a better view of the minute details of the teeth.

The scanner is designed in such a way that it captures the x-ray images of the teeth with high accuracy. It is easy to insert into the mouth, easy to clean, and the rounded edges make it very comfortable for the patient.


OASYS is the abbreviation of Oral/Nasal Airway System™ and the first dental device used to treat sleep apnea. This device addresses resistance in the upper airway of the nasal region and any blockage present in the throat area. It comes with a patient-friendly locking system and nasal dilators that can help improve your breathing.

Electric Handpieces

We make use of electric dental handpieces, as they help in providing more precise dental treatments. This system is easy to use and offers consistent cutting speed and more power to make smoother cuts. It is used to conduct a variety of dental procedures like endodontics and dental implants. 

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