Sports and night guards in Los Gatos CA

Sports and night guards in Los Gatos CA

Night guards and sports guards are both oral appliances that protect teeth from damage. It’s common for people to confuse the two. While a sports guard shields your teeth from any harm during contact sports, a night guard protects your teeth from damage caused by grinding during the night.

Whether it’s contact sports or night grinding you need protection for, you can count on our team at Stephen A Los, DDS, in Los Gatos, California, to recommend the best custom-made guards that suit your needs. 

What Are Dental Night Guards?

Bruxism is a common oral condition characterized by teeth clenching and grinding during sleep. If left unaddressed for long, bruxism can lead to wearing down of tooth enamel, jaw pain, tooth fractures, and other oral health issues. 

If you’re grinding or clenching your teeth, getting this issue addressed is the best option to protect your teeth and gums from long-term damage.

Patients diagnosed with bruxism are advised to use night guards. Night guards don’t stop bruxism, but act as a protective layer between the upper and lower teeth and prevent tooth damage. 

Once you’re diagnosed with bruxism, Dr. Los will make an impression of your teeth and create a customized night guard that fits your mouth perfectly. Our night guards are made from thin and durable materials and both protect your teeth and help you get a comfortable sleep. 

What Are Sports Guards?

When you’re playing contact sports or engaging in physical activity, there’s always a possibility of damaging your mouth. Whether it’s a blow from a fellow player during a football match or falling while skating, your teeth are always at risk. 

That’s why Dr. Los recommends you wear dental sports guards to protect you from chipped, broken, damaged teeth, especially since mouth-related injuries can lead to serious issues like nerve or tooth loss. 

Sports mouthguards are made from soft, durable materials that can withstand sudden impact. Mouthguards can be custom-made for any sports such as football, basketball, boxing, and so on. 

The main function of both sports mouthguards and night guards is the same - to protect the teeth. Choosing the right and most comfortable option can give you the highest degree of protection. 

Dr. Stephen A. Los, DDS, offers comprehensive dental consultations and custom-made dental mouthguards to help protect your teeth from any harm. To learn more, make an appointment online, call us at (408) 356-8186, or visit us at 14830 Los Gatos Blvd Suite 103, Los Gatos, CA 95032.


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